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Zariii, 19 years old female from United kingdom

Member since: 04 Jul 10
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Heyyyy (:
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30 Mar 13

Happy Easter and best of luck in your studies!

31 Dec 12

hey haven't cn u on 4 some time. Hope all's well w/u. Happy New Year & best wishes for the new year :)

04 Jun 12

i dont now i just want to

08 May 12

i dont now cause i just wanted to but can i have it but can we get to now eachother then

25 Apr 12

alroight you dont have to be mean to me i was just ASKING ALRIGHT BUT CAN WE BE FRIENDS THEN IS THAT ALRIGHT WITH YOU

20 Apr 12

hey can i have your phone number please and do you want to be freinds

27 Jan 12

hey can you follow me


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Happy new year!! Yeah I've been having loads of exams for school so I've had barely any free time :(...
Zariii onsheepy`s profile, 20 Jan 13
why are you sending the same message to EVERYONE!?!?!
You should really write on my page if u want me to reply ol' hamo
Zariii onHumse`s profile, 08 Apr 12
Too repetitive and you can only get a certain number of badges. Fun if you're bored, though.
Zariii onSheep Sheep Wolf, 30 Jan 12
Yeah, sure, I'll follow you.
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Game Score Date
Sugar Toast Runner 510 22 Mar 14
Fallguy 48s 15 Mar 14
Fallguy 32s 15 Mar 14
Fallguy 4s 15 Mar 14
Square Bounce 46 19 Jul 13
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