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weakling, 25 years old male

Member since: 22 Aug 10
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22 Aug 10

Welcome to Played Online!
Read all about gamer and community points here. It's really short :)
Have fun and be happy!


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denis80, those are at the premium shop in the special tab, and at the bottom. you also get two free roast...
oh and your basic swordsman is your strongest unit. just keep upgrading
weakling onMyth Wars, 29 Aug 10
fun game but once you get your units to a high enough level, 4 dark archers can make it almost to the enemy...
weakling onMyth Wars, 29 Aug 10
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Game Score Date
Pushori 8 27 Aug 10
Pariboro 383 27 Aug 10
Spinner 74 27 Aug 10
Pandemic Boy 19,590 27 Aug 10
Dots 54 25 Aug 10
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