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turtlejo, 59 years old female from United states

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Hi Fellow Gamers, I've always loved playing games but as a child, there was nobody around to play with. Thanks to my computer I can play as much as I like and don't have to grow up
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12 Jul 10

nice picture:) and btw there is no need to grow up:) happy gaming:)


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VERY Challenging!!!
turtlejo onMaxi Yahtzee, 27 Aug 10
please fix the scoring!!!!
turtlejo onCheerio, 22 May 10
I just got a "cheerio" and it didn't register the score, also on full house
turtlejo onCheerio, 19 May 10
Now I see what they mean by "freezing on score". I did have an exceptional round, but the score...
turtlejo onMagic Words, 03 Mar 10
I like the game itself, but you should be able to bring balls down w/ the down arrow
turtlejo onPile of Balls, 20 Feb 10
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Game Score Date
Tetris 1,080 10 Aug 14
Tetris 9 10 Aug 14
Tetris 490 10 Aug 14
Tetris 260 10 Aug 14
Tetris 0 10 Aug 14
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