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Tottianaa_Hearts, 23 years old female from United states

Member since: 17 Apr 10
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Ummmmm,, Hereee I qoooo My name is Tottianna habitual smoker I burn so many trees that I have splinters in my Toaster I need a bitch to stay below my waist like a holster and then I sit my cup up on Her booty like a coaster I brag about my money so there callin me a boaster I holla Giddy up like I was on the pondorosa you say that u don't feel well come a little closer I'll show you what a gangsta look like atleast sopose ta... my blunt is filled with very deadly Weed I call it my eyes stay low like a gay dudes in the mens bathroom(no homo) do you Marvel at my flow or shiver at my genuis you think of stds from all the hickies on my penis We let the beat live these other rappers are a bore I kill so many tracks the recognize me at the Morge bought a 20 pack of trojans on my last trip to the store I did a show that night And had to go the next day to buy more you can test me if you want examination if you choose But my glock will leave your shirt looking like dorathys
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05 Jun 11

you basterd

05 Jun 10

can u follow me

30 Apr 10

lol yea! everyone else gets all pissy an shPr

27 Apr 10

lol damn ur like da coolest chick on hear!%Pr

26 Apr 10

Everrr Morinqq whyyy yyouuhhh qoo too starbuckss too qettt coffeee i beee att theee bankk like qeettt thiss cashh off mee myyy car soo neww butt myy moneyy soo old myy qrill iced out sooo myy barbeequeee iss cold!(:&&;-Thaa Jokerrr

24 Apr 10

dude i love dat song! hell yea

17 Apr 10

Thiss Sheittt Iss Borinqq


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hahaha thankss!(:
Everrr Morinqq whyyy yyouuhhh qoo too starbuckss too qettt coffeee i beee att theee bankk like qeettt thiss...
noo Problemmm!(:
I HATE Thiss Game
Thiss Sheittt Iss Borinqq
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Color Blaster 16 18 Apr 10
Color Blaster 16,350 18 Apr 10
Color Blaster 11 18 Apr 10
Color Blaster 1,000 18 Apr 10
Pinball 64,720 17 Apr 10
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