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TheVancouverDood, 22 years old male from Canada

Member since: 03 Oct 10
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hi, im from vancouver.
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03 Oct 10

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it gets kinda dull after you end up with 100+ farmers at a time
gets boring when ur all maxed
frusterating if you dont win but hella fun.
i like this game, just dont try to buy all the buildings at once.
very good game couldn't stop till i won.
TheVancouverDood's Latest Highscores
Game Score Date
Cube Crash 11,415 27 Nov 10
Gride 49,690 31 Oct 10
Sandcastle 22m 11s 30 Oct 10
Airport Madness 161,615 03 Oct 10
Lander 57 03 Oct 10
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