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thesurvivor, 20 years old male

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okay so im a colonel.and my experince is 51,692.but it says to be general you need 48,608.but im still...

when it says," if your soldier has a good amount of rifle,give him a m1 garand.DONT! give him a B.A.R!
get the sarge.he is the best soldier in the enplacement is the rocket launcher.
coreyi i think it is the hk417 because its only like 3000 dollors and it shreds zombies pretty good.if your...
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Game Score Date
mud and blood 2 953 16 Sep 12
SAS: Zombie Assault 2 116,919 10 Jul 12
mud and blood 2 164 05 Feb 12
mud and blood 2 5,061 24 Dec 11
RunNGun 80,662 29 Aug 11
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