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theraptor2002, 36 years old male from United states

Member since: 28 Aug 10
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super mario
24 Nov 11

i'm a fan of kirby :)

05 Feb 11

su Profile es xdxdxdxd

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28 Aug 10

Welcome to Played Online!
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hint: if games freezes, right-click and click play on the game (only works on windows pc)
cant even beat lvl. 1
just like super mario 64 but he was not using his F.L.U.D.D.
i wish boo was in ssbb (super smash bros. brawl)
the stupid browser setting pop up all the time when i press alt. i hate it when that happends. i always have...
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FARToRY 280 19 Nov 10
Bad Breath 0 13 Nov 10
Drop Dead: Final Cut 93,062 29 Aug 10
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