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TheKiwi, 21 years old female from Austria

Member since: 05 Apr 11
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05 Apr 11

Hey Girl Hey

05 Apr 11

hey there

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05 Apr 11

Welcome to Played Online!
Read all about gamer and community points here. It's really short :)
Have fun and be happy!


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happy llama, sad llama, mentally confused llama, super llama, spider llama, big fat mama llama - moose,...
yeah i've done it :)
TheKiwi onGravity Duck, 20 Apr 11
how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?
youda games are the best :)
TheKiwi onYouda Farmer, 05 Apr 11
i've got a snake in my boots :O
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Game Score Date
Save the Cheeseburger 33 21 Mar 12
Park it Fast 1,389 22 Oct 11
Nano Ninja 7m 4s 22 Oct 11
Nano Ninja 387 22 Oct 11
Park it Fast 1,520 29 Apr 11
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