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THEKILLER, 36 years old male

Member since: 18 May 11
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18 May 11

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hahaha it says "don't they hae a country to run?" lol
i turned all quality low and no effects no blur no filter or shaking and its slower than my 7 year old...
This is a new laptop i am on, just 1 month old and it is laggy?
I am normally really bad at the start, but when i get going i really kill 'em
THEKILLER onAge of War 2, 23 Dec 11
haha, coincidence? my advert was for the film boxing day :S
THEKILLER's Latest Highscores
Game Score Date
Choose Your Weapon 4 19,970 28 Jul 11
Nano Ninja 9m 4s 26 Jul 11
Nano Ninja 316 26 Jul 11
A Dralien Day 85,943 17 Jul 11
Strike Eagle 106,990 10 Jul 11
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