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starfire, 25 years old female from United states

Member since: 19 Jul 09
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Hey everyone, Man tis year has been soo much fun, im all done with wreslting, and on to track now lol yep cross country and wrestling are all done, ill be going to collage this fall:) i love tis web site, its vry fun u guys can find more about me at facebook, brooklyn dulgar or my myspace
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17 Feb 12

hey can you follow me

16 Feb 12

hey flw me and do you want to go out

28 Dec 11

follow me

08 Dec 11

hey you look cute

obeey alexx
07 Nov 11

add me on facebook

19 Jul 11

follow me

Thomas Th-kid
15 Jun 11

hey star its been so long hope ur k ! keep on touch wid me :)


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great to hear man:) good luck, i just got my diploma last wed :)
hey :)
starfire onaliyah`s profile, 15 Jun 10
awww thank you sweeit. just plan cover up thats all im gonna update my pic in just a few mins lol love ur...
starfire onaliyah`s profile, 14 Feb 10
lol so many gilrs on your page lol
starfire onSno`s profile, 04 Jan 10
(depressing sound) grey together lmao lol hahaha
starfire onQBeez, 30 Dec 09
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QBeez 1,581,400 27 Dec 09
Sushi Castle 168 27 Aug 09
Staries Game 9,180 06 Aug 09
Alphabet 2 245 06 Aug 09
QBeez 529,900 05 Aug 09
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