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soda467, 21 years old female from United states

Member since: 28 Feb 11
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I come from a small town in Arizona. I love to play soccer and I have an 8 year old sister. I have a dog, Her name is Daisy. My username is actully all about how much I love soda. Actully I love drawing and skateboarding. I love writing stories about super heros!
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28 Feb 11

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Real short, plus pretty stupid. It was like designed for a three year old, I mean what is wrong with the...
Greatest classic game since Donkey Kong, No I am not old, I'm only 14!

soda467 onPacman, 02 Mar 11
This game is so Suckish!
soda467 onCave Escaper, 02 Mar 11
Simple as eating a piece of cake!Unless your really stupid,I finished this game the first time!Heres the...
Best game EVER!
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