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pdcr777, 46 years old male from United states

Member since: 11 Nov 10
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i am a CHRISTIAN that is my faith,i love to readf THE HOLY BIBLE,
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11 Nov 10

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way to slow it needs some speed to it
pdcr777 onPest Beat, 20 Jan 11
neat game it helps if your stressed out and need time to PRAY TO GOD,IF YOUR A CHRISTIAN
pdcr777 onAirline, 23 Nov 10
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Game Score Date
Blob Tower Defence 60,829 05 Apr 11
Pandemic Boy -80 05 Apr 11
Flower Reaction 83 09 Mar 11
Silkroad Mahjong 66,200 07 Feb 11
Steel Tower Solitaire 27,700 05 Feb 11
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