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nkt70, 26 years old male from Indonesia

Member since: 26 Oct 11
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Just a little piece of my mind~
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26 Oct 11

Welcome to Played Online!
Read all about gamer and community points here. It's really short :)
Have fun and be happy!


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I know, this is a nice game...
But it's not nice for some people who doesn't have any luck...
nkt70 onSushi Castle, 29 Oct 11
MAN! The second one get 363 point only!!!

Alright, Time to some tips from me (maybe working on...
nkt70 onStunt Bike Deluxe, 29 Oct 11
How to get a REALLY high score

- First, get some wheels, upgrade it until level 2 (the before the...
nkt70 onShopping Cart Hero, 29 Oct 11
Nice game :D

(Kinda bored...)
nkt70 onExperiment 17, 29 Oct 11
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Game Score Date
Jumper 4,960 19 Dec 12
Bloons 1,583 19 Dec 12
Lander 69 18 Dec 12
Bubblin 6,591 30 Oct 11
Lander 175 29 Oct 11
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