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Luigi, 25 years old male from Italy

Member since: 27 Jul 09
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Can some site administrator take abusive and annoying ads down? like these fake comments that people keep...
Luigi onNTCreature2, 13 Jan 12
Is there any ways to use the special ability you buy with stars durin those special 1 healt only...
Luigi onKingdom Rush, 11 Jan 12
I really like how you can go back and improve your previous rank with new skills every time

Luigi onLine of Fire, 14 Sep 11
NOOOOOOOOOO!!! By mistake i erased my saved game

Luigi onCactus McCoy, 25 Mar 11
Luigi's Latest Highscores
Game Score Date
Water Balloon Drop Hit 'n Strip 662 29 Aug 13
Higher! 6,210 29 Jun 13
Tycoon Jones 484 19 Apr 13
Lander 65 10 Apr 13
Gingerbread Circus 32,410 22 Mar 13
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