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Finickie Devil
lostlildevil, 50 years old female from United states

Member since: 22 Aug 09
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Online I'm all about games and creating websites. The biggest thing I do is help run a spades league. I like playedonline and play several of their games as well. Offline I'm disabled so I can't do too much other than watch TV, read, and write. There is a local group that I'm involved with that meets once a month and has occasional parties that I attend...
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17 Jul 12

ur a little 2 um old srry but ya

01 Dec 11

Hey, just checkin things out. Curious about website development. And FYI: NO One is too old for gaming! ;)

21 Feb 11

Hello, happy gaming.

28 Jan 11

hi hope u dont mind 1 more follower :) had to say thnx if not for your comment i be going nuts playing quad bubble extreme lol...have a gr8 weekend & super gaming 1

14 Dec 10

aren't you kinda old to be on here?

14 Aug 10

hello !!!

28 May 10

nice work in "seven eye"


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view the video walkthrough lol it shows you how to beat every level
select the color that you see most of them click them off as fast as you can. keep following this routine...
Try and form a pattern with your moves so's not to leave little bits behind...
lostlildevil onPacman, 11 May 10
careful with your clicking cause you lose points but do click as fast as you can. clear all the fish and you...
lostlildevil onFish Find!, 11 May 10
i save a column for each color. works well most of the time. sometimes it'll throw you a color you dont...
lostlildevil onSirtet, 11 May 10
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Crosszle 3D: part two 13,600 21 Jun 10
POWERNUMBER 362 21 Jun 10
Head Hates Gears 4 24 Apr 10
Head Hates Gears 200 24 Apr 10
Head Hates Gears 3 24 Apr 10
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