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layup, 28 years old male from Lebanon

Member since: 02 Aug 09
Website: Don't have One
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I thank the Lord for my many blessings, though I'm stressin' keep a vest for protection from the barrel of the Smith & Wesson and, all my niggas in the pen' here we go again, Ain't nothing separating us from a MAC 10, Born in the ghetto as a hustler older, straight soldier bucking at them busters, No matter how you try niggas never die, We just retaliate with hate then we multiply, see me striking down the block hittin' corners, Mobbin' like a motherfucker livin' like I wanna, Ain't no stoppin' at the red lights I'm sideways, Thug Life motherfucker crime pays, Let the cops put they lights on, chase me nigga, zig-zaggin' through the freeway, race me nigga, In a high speed chase with the law, the realest motherfucker that you ever saw, I'm livin' raw 'til they bury me don't worry me, I'm high livin' like I ain't afraid to die, And you could walk a mile in my shoes, and you'd be crazy to
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11 Oct 09

nice!!! keep it up.

30 Sep 09

i need followers please

21 Sep 09

I'm going to follow you :D

05 Sep 09

It's a Lebanon Lamborghini Gallardo:)

05 Sep 09

Hmm.. Or is that a Gallardo..?

05 Sep 09

Haha. xD Lamborghini Murcielago? lol :)

30 Aug 09

I know:)


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Once the red blinking dots from the beginning of the flight are gone, you will be able to land without...
layup onLander, 11 May 10
Aim the bat so the ball hits the end for easy homeruns:)
layup onPinch Hitter 2, 11 May 10
Keep it at 0,0;)
layup onLander, 11 May 10
The Blue Power Cube: Energy Recharge.

The White Power Cube: Invincibilty.
layup onVector Runner, 11 May 10
The Green collectable's give you 500 Points, and the Purple give you 1000 Points.
layup onVector Runner, 11 May 10
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Game Score Date
Puck Position 4,850 09 Jan 10
Crazy Ambulance 68,162 03 Jan 10
Click The Bombs 50 02 Jan 10
Tetris 1 30 Dec 09
Tetris 240 30 Dec 09
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