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lalalooza, 25 years old female from United states

Member since: 04 Dec 09
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I am a pretty nice person, once you get to know me. i am quiet and shy at first, but once i get to know someone better, i talk quite a bit. anything you'd wanna know about me, just ask.
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17 Dec 09


08 Dec 09

im following you sexy beast and ill stalk you in your sleep....naw im jus kiddin you know i love you sweetie....


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who gives a flyin' flip about the clicking!
lalalooza onMeeblings, 09 Dec 09
amazing =)
hey sexy =)
I love This Game =))
lalalooza onGridshock, 04 Dec 09
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Game Score Date
Pick Up Sticks 493 09 Dec 09
Jungle breakout 30 09 Dec 09
Globs 1,957 09 Dec 09
Snap'n'Pop 38s 08 Dec 09
Drop Dead: Extended Edition 1,083 08 Dec 09
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