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kuwertkills, 25 years old male

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Cody Siegel
26 Oct 10

sup man

08 Dec 09

Yes,In the game it is green.good
scores in the crazy police car.


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bestes of the best
only took me about 30secs to load and its epic!
when u get 20 points get french men and then when u get more points give em BARs that shall rip the enemy to...
my best tip is too get a few snipers or opps then get an AA gun then mayby 1or 2 tents it works really...
kill them!
kuwertkills onBattle Gear 2, 11 May 10
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Game Score Date
Sandcastle 14m 16s 08 Jan 11
Crazy Police Car 44,565 30 Nov 10
Sandcastle 16m 48s 23 Apr 10
mud and blood 2 3,758 21 Apr 10
RunNGun 11,367 06 Dec 09
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