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josie_jump21, 27 years old female from United kingdom

Member since: 28 Feb 10
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18 Jun 10

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i got to level 30 and it didnt remember me when i went back, gotta start over :(
josie_jump21 onColliderix, 22 Apr 10
seriously strange! :)
josie_jump21 onLoondon, 15 Mar 10
seriously like this game!!!

but dont think this is the place to send silly forwards about mates...
josie_jump21 onGold Miner, 14 Mar 10
Loved it...though perhaps i should had registered then played! :)
josie_jump21 onCake Shop, 28 Feb 10
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Gingerbread Circus 90 23 Mar 10
keep running 6 28 15 Mar 10
Gride 15,738 28 Feb 10
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