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Even I don't know a lot about myself. All I know is, I am a 5'6" grown male, came from Earth and I'm a human being. I don't know why Played Online reminds me of, oh I dunno, Twitter? Follow me! Whee!'s Feed
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I like this game, tho it can be kinda tricky at some level.
This is just plain dumb.
Aah the classic is brought to life.
This game has a bug or something, it won't save my winning rounds.
Wow to many separation ring mistakes for me.'s Latest Highscores
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Tetris 50 08 Jan 11
Tetris 338 08 Jan 11
Tetris 3 08 Jan 11
Tetris 300 08 Jan 11
Tetris 290 08 Jan 11
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