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inyourface, 35 years old male from United states

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08 Apr 10

hiya, how are ya ? :)
i haven't been on lately, cos i was on holiday :)


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don't play this game
inyourface onExtreme Trucks, 11 May 10
Go buy an XBOX 360, and play left for dead 2. This will result in having much more fun.
Make big shapes with the least amount of dots possible.
inyourface onConnext, 11 May 10
This one is all about timing. watch for the arc of the ball
inyourface onBall Practice, 11 May 10
I have played this without the mic--disregard barb
inyourface onDesman, 11 May 10
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Game Score Date
Head Hates Gears 99 11 Dec 09
Head Hates Gears 1 11 Dec 09
Head Hates Gears 43 11 Dec 09
Head Hates Gears 0 11 Dec 09
Head Hates Gears 161 11 Dec 09
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