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Half-the-Trouble, 30 years old female

Member since: 08 Feb 10
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01 Jun 10

Good job! Now go for 2,000,000! My highest is 1,998,000


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Patience is a virtue - if you don't want to have problems with tiles, don't try to get them too...
This game is making me mad! Just one more parrot and will be over 150.000...
Half-the-Trouble onJumper, 07 Sep 12
Nice game, quite addictive! I've been playing last coulple of days :)
Half-the-Trouble onLong Way, 20 Dec 11
Nice game, but sadly over very soon. Only 15 levels which are easily complete. Unlock the achievements -...
Wooooaaaahhhoooooo!!! Finally got the King of the Hill! :)
14266=49 sec
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Game Score Date
Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt 377,631 16 Oct 16
Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt 18 16 Oct 16
Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt 79 16 Oct 16
Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt 8 16 Oct 16
Shape Inlay 27,800 08 Apr 14
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