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Gangster911, 20 years old male from United states

Member since: 22 Apr 10
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i am a boy who loves rap and other crap!!!!
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28 Apr 10

hey! yo wuz up gantstPr

25 Apr 10

hey bro!!

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22 Apr 10

Welcome to Played Online!
Read all about gamer and community points here. It's really short :)
Have fun and be happy!


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i like this game but it is not what i am used to
Gangster911 onPinball, 15 May 10
Thanks and ok i will

i love the zombies game i got a gold medal to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is awesome

Gangster911 onMiami Shark, 25 Apr 10
this is f****ing funny

Gangster911's Latest Highscores
Game Score Date
Pinball 17,450 15 May 10
ExtremeCars 15,732 08 May 10
Castle Clout: Return of the King 11,055 08 May 10
Zombies 105 01 May 10
Kitty Throw - SPILL 728 25 Apr 10
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