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Xavier Cuevas
GamePlayer4DSX, 19 years old male from United states

Member since: 18 Oct 10
About Me
IM 12 Years old and gonna be 13 next mouth.I think i spelled it wrong?!!?But anyways, I am American/Purtorican.I think i spelled that wrong 2.I think im tired????!!! I live in New York-Manhattan.Ilove video games!!!My Favorite characters for games are Mega man,Sonic,Mario,Pokemon,Digimon,and a couple of moore i think????....LOVE MUSIC. Hip hop and rap are my favorite.Singers are chris brown,Drake,soulja boy (kinda),and 50 CENT>YAA MONEY.!!!Im in the 6 Grade,im bored quiet,crazy,anddddddddddd otherss.BUT I cant Tell U HAHAHAHAHAH.My game styems are ps 1,2,3,SNES,Nintendo Enternament system,Genesis,Wii,I used 2 have a Game cube but i sold it for 94 bucks. IL LOVE MONEYYYYYY.My handheld games ar ds lite, Dsi,game boy color,advence,and a pokewalker!!!MY phones i only got one...A sidekick 3.And a version flip phone but its nasty and old.Its a piece of crap.Bye Bye and this is me .I might edit thing if any thin changes. BYE MY AIM-Xav461_I will be on sometimes. Check out my page
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shadow mashadow 3
25 Jan 12

ok.... :?

some edgelord
19 Dec 11

ok whatever

some edgelord
27 Nov 10

Okay Zero

02 Nov 10


Xavier Cuevas
22 Oct 10

peole add me plaese i am brand new here thnks


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ainme on is very like what da hell soo fuunny and wierd???
GamePlayer4DSX on:the game:, 26 Oct 10
global warming level is hard .......I had 2 do dis 14 times till i get it right>>>>
GamePlayer4DSX on:the game:, 26 Oct 10
The shooting game was crazy
add me homes (im new)
This game is a crazy and wird/Kool Game. If u go 2 Then on search put down the game Number...
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