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druciferr, 29 years old male from United states

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Admin 14 Sep 09

I've updated your Protector score.
Good job!


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Mixing a few archers and a few more dexers gives a pretty solid defense against air, and a decent amount of...
druciferr onProtector, 11 May 10
when you are playing this think about pool, the geometry is a good parallel.... for instance, if you have a...
druciferr onBubble Cannon 2, 11 May 10
always go for the guy closest to the tree. when you hit someone, they slow down, so its easy to get a bunch...
easy way to beat the last level:
only use the top two islands that look like a +... put a slow on the...
very amusing
druciferr onToss the Turtle, 03 Nov 09
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Game Score Date
Jumper 210 06 Nov 09
Bloons 2,260 06 Nov 09
Kullors 3,230 15 Sep 09
Color Strike Down 604 15 Sep 09
Stunt Bike Deluxe 2,575 15 Sep 09
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