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krazii-ghurl 2012
dazhaney19, 22 years old female from United states

Member since: 28 Dec 09
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im tha type of person that u can hang out with but if u make me mad i will stay mad at u so dont try to make me mad at u fo a reason but anyways i like to play all typys of games but not play fighting i hate that game so if u wont to play fight dont come to me ok . Im an outside person but wen winter come im not going outside thats me so im going to tha rest wen i think bye :)ndd if u wonna kno my real age u have to ask me haha but i love holidays
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17 Jul 12

i will also tlk to u mewmew if u follow

Michael Knowles
22 Nov 11

i'll tlk to ya lol...XP im getten lonely myself XD

krazii-ghurl 2012
16 May 11

people dnt talk to me no more :(


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hay aaron
people dnt talk to me no more :(
it was good untill me ndd my cousin found out that we was playin da same lv
dazhaney19 onJane's Realty, 17 Jan 11
diz is so easy muaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha lolz
dazhaney19 onTrafficator, 17 Jan 11
lv 8 is very hard !!!!! need help
dazhaney19 onColor Theory, 17 Jan 11
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Game Score Date
Canabolt 267 16 May 11
Cube Crash 11,520 29 Jan 11
Cube'o Logic 70,295 29 Jan 11
Pick Up Sticks 21 17 Jan 11
Pick Up Sticks 181 17 Jan 11
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