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Calen Joel
ca1en, 22 years old male from Australia

Member since: 11 Jul 09
About Me
Wow been a very long time since I have been here. Had lots of nice comments from a lot of you and thanks heaps for that :). I'm most likely not going to be playing on here very often, it's a busy year for me this year. As for anyone that doesn't know me, I am 17, male, live in Melbourne, Australia. I often compose music in my spare time. I play the piano, however I am entirely self taught, never had a lesson in my life haha. I often wrote poetry as well. Bit dull I know haha, I guess I just have my selective outputs for releasing stress and stuff like that. Yeah and I hope to catch up with some of you guys whenever I'm around.
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11 May 14

Have a good day !!!

20 Apr 14

Love you

08 Jul 13

hi can you follow me please

02 Apr 13

I love you

30 Mar 13

Have a very Happy Easter.......

25 Dec 12

Merry Christmas!

22 Dec 12

my club penguin is iLuvwalmart hit me up. im gay. incase you were wondering.


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following :)
ca1en onPETER`s profile, 08 Feb 12
Ilove you :)
ca1en onluchownrj`s profile, 02 Jun 11
Aww thanks, you look very beautiful and you have very nice eyes.. You got Facebook by any chance? :)
ca1en onнaℓey!`s profile, 11 Jan 11
Happy new year webster :), thanks for the comments you have been leaving me. Sorry for not replying, I have...
ca1en onwebster`s profile, 11 Jan 11
Hey Hana, sorry for the late reply, been a bit busy with things. But I hope you had a good new years and a...
ca1en onHANA`s profile, 11 Jan 11
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Numbers Reaction 2 95 22 Jan 12
Pandemic Boy 43,035 04 Jun 10
Pandemic Boy 200 17 May 10
Mole vs. Lava 75 17 May 10
Mole vs. Lava 1,511 17 May 10
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