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Calen Joel
ca1en, 23 years old male from Australia

Member since: 11 Jul 09
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Wow been a very long time since I have been here. Had lots of nice comments from a lot of you and thanks heaps for that :). I'm most likely not going to be playing on here very often, it's a busy year for me this year. As for anyone that doesn't know me, I am 17, male, live in Melbourne, Australia. I often compose music in my spare time. I play the piano, however I am entirely self taught, never had a lesson in my life haha. I often wrote poetry as well. Bit dull I know haha, I guess I just have my selective outputs for releasing stress and stuff like that. Yeah and I hope to catch up with some of you guys whenever I'm around.
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2 days ago

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03 Jun 15

Hello Dear.
how are you doing today.view your profile today on with my search, am interested in making friendship with you.please dear.i will like you to write to me direct to my email address so that i will tell you more about me OK. i am waiting for your email to my email address here is my email(
Thanks and Have a beautiful weekend.
Yours faithfully
Grace Zinger.

11 May 14

Have a good day !!!

20 Apr 14

Love you

08 Jul 13

hi can you follow me please

02 Apr 13

I love you

30 Mar 13

Have a very Happy Easter.......

25 Dec 12

Merry Christmas!


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following :)
ca1en onPETER`s profile, 08 Feb 12
Ilove you :)
ca1en onluchownrj`s profile, 02 Jun 11
Aww thanks, you look very beautiful and you have very nice eyes.. You got Facebook by any chance? :)
ca1en onнaℓey!`s profile, 11 Jan 11
Happy new year webster :), thanks for the comments you have been leaving me. Sorry for not replying, I have...
ca1en onwebster`s profile, 11 Jan 11
Hey Hana, sorry for the late reply, been a bit busy with things. But I hope you had a good new years and a...
ca1en onHANA`s profile, 11 Jan 11
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Numbers Reaction 2 95 22 Jan 12
Pandemic Boy 43,035 04 Jun 10
Pandemic Boy 200 17 May 10
Mole vs. Lava 75 17 May 10
Mole vs. Lava 1,511 17 May 10
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