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bubblykaylalady, 21 years old female from United states

Member since: 09 Nov 10
Website: gaiaonline.com
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hi people.my name is Allie.i am a type of person that would like to cheerlead but i can not.so i sing alot.sometimes it bothers my brother alot.then he would just close the door on me or he would say that i sound horrible.i also love wackaflocka.in the picture the fist person is me.i know i look cute
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08 Feb 12

hey can you follow me you are so sexy

super mario
27 Nov 11

u STFU cuz u hate evryone in this ok faggot bitch toilet asshole?!?!?

some edgelord
27 Nov 11

u hate evryone in this so shut up bitch.

07 Apr 11

what up

04 Apr 11

hy how u doing

20 Mar 11

k y r u not talking to me nd those 2 gals r HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

11 Mar 11

what up


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shut up ok the because first girl is me
i dont remember wat are you talking about
Leave me alone okyou guys aregay
im just saying you guys should break up ok
I am not niki manaj
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Game Score Date
Quicktype 130 20 Feb 11
Key Master 2 384 20 Feb 11
Drop Dead 475 20 Feb 11
Cola vs Pepsi WAR 200 20 Feb 11
Storm 1,000 20 Feb 11
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