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brynta, 32 years old male from Canada

Member since: 29 Jul 09
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15 Dec 10

i'am coming

20 Nov 09

hey i am new anyone can follow me and we can chat peace out peeps

little momma
10 Nov 09

hey how are you

09 Nov 09

Yeah! I knew it.
I cannot be surprised by your latest highscore's record in Connecto, I expected it.
But it came so fast! You're really good.

30 Oct 09

hi yo want to follow me

Calen Joel
30 Oct 09

Oh I see. Yeah that is unfair since they were able to get more points with the 10 gamer point reward. They probly shouldve divided everyone points by 3 before changing it, then it would be more fair. Ah well, I give up really. It will take to much time to catch up.

30 Oct 09

I don't understand it much... It looks like just as modification of the count of gaming points.
I mean, for every submitted Top10-score (or other following improvement) from now it's possible to get only 3 points instead 10.

Anyway, this cannot changes too much. As I see it, gaming points now means nothing more than before. You still cannot say if somebody is better gamer than other or who is the best one. Maybe just who is playing more games...


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Play along the perimeters of each level. Do one color at a time and then move on to the next. Nakes it...
brynta onfreebees, 11 May 10
found it kind of boring after the first minute
brynta onBlood Red, 11 May 10
Every thousand points you gain a parachute man is released. Fly your plane over him and you get quite a...
brynta onTime Pilot, 11 May 10
Crazy go nuts mode comes into effect when you have nine acorns left, so when you are getting low on the...
brynta onCrazy Go Nuts 2, 11 May 10
As far as the challenge goes all i did was play the 40 wave on easy and by the 27th wave or so you achieve...
brynta onProtector, 11 May 10
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Pandemic Boy 41,045 11 Jun 10
Lander 169 27 Apr 10
Lander 172 27 Apr 10
Lander 78 27 Apr 10
Lander 85 27 Apr 10
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