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Bahamut101, 26 years old male from United states

Member since: 16 Dec 09
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I am a 20 year old guy....I currently have a girlfriend, live in the US in Pennsylvania in the beautiful and scenic mountain side, and I am a hardcore gamer ^w^
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13 Sep 10

hiya long time no see ;D how are things ? ;D

17 May 10

great work in "crab attack":)

10 Apr 10

hiya, how are ya ? :)
i haven't been on lately, cos i was on holiday :)

04 Feb 10

I agree,Exception;lvls. aren't any
thing compare to scores!! =)

04 Feb 10

Your very welcome!! =)And you have more than I =)

04 Feb 10

Hello. "Great Job" on the achievements!!! =)

23 Jan 10

aww bless ya he♥rt, good ta hear ya ok =], im doing great ty for asking ;D


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you can use the number pad which makes it much easier as long as you have the number pad memorized
Bahamut101 onPush It!, 11 May 10
If you hit one fly at a time you get 5 points but if you get 2 in one shot its 20 points and 40 if you can...
After matching the resources and symbols be sure to grab the coins inorder to build buildings
Grab the Spreader upgrade whenever it pops up its the S it helps out alot and doesn't run out like the...
Bahamut101 onPlanet Smasher, 11 May 10
If you pause the game you can access the upgrades without having to destroy your balloons forcing you to...
Bahamut101 onHigher!, 11 May 10
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Game Score Date
Symetria 16,846 04 Feb 10
Crazy Taxi 39,045 04 Feb 10
Montage 799 04 Feb 10
Push It! 176 04 Feb 10
Flea 2 3,440 04 Feb 10
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