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awwsumgurl, 21 years old female from United states

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My name is Noelle, i'm a sophomore, and iLove to sinq. iWrite sonqs, text, sinq, and talk on the phone all dayy. that's myy life. i'm a really cool person to talk to if youu don't qet on myy bad side. i'm not mean, iJust don't take crap from anyone. :) wanna know anythinq else? ask!
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20 Dec 10

Do you have a boyfriend?

17 Dec 10

can u follow me?

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22 Jun 10

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omq this is so hard!
awwsumgurl onTrigger Ball, 30 Jun 10
iWas on level 2 for like ever.
this qame is kinda dumb.
awwsumgurl onBreakdown, 30 Jun 10
omq youu have ta have a really steadyy hand ta beat this. iLike it but it's hard!
awwsumgurl onSketchAMatch, 30 Jun 10
this qame is hard for slow ppl liike me. haha
awwsumgurl onPipe It 2D, 30 Jun 10
that's sooo not riqht when the poor turtle qets hit haha
awwsumgurl onTurtlerun, 24 Jun 10
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Brain Test 128 30 Jun 10
Brain Test 4 30 Jun 10
Brain Test 0 30 Jun 10
Brain Test 640 30 Jun 10
Brain Test 213 30 Jun 10
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