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alycia, 19 years old female

Member since: 27 Mar 12
Website: google+
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24 Apr 14

hey i am 16 years old too

04 Feb 13

greetings from new friend,
How are you? I hope you are fine, My name is Ms Nora, not married. I went through your profile today and became interested in it, that is why i drop this few lines of words to you for friendship, I will like you to send your Email address to me, so that i will send more photos to you and also tell you more about my self and we may be-come friends. This is my Email address ( )
i will be waiting for your response.
accept my regards
from Nora.

crimzin Fucker
07 Jul 12

he has alot of friends

29 May 12

shut the fuck up

23 Apr 12

wat up

07 Apr 12

i was 8 when i made this account and i have no clue why i named my self mr.but

01 Apr 12

dont fall for dalton.


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ha ha ha that is a really good reason why u would name yourself
alycia ontyler`s profile, 15 Apr 12
are you the real kesha

alycia onKesha`s profile, 01 Apr 12
why is your name mr.but

alycia ontyler`s profile, 01 Apr 12
listen you little bully you need to stop being a bully because we all know why you are bullying us and do...
alycia onLexi`s profile, 01 Apr 12
are you going out with dalton

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Game Score Date
RunNGun 1,221 15 May 12
FARToRY 90 15 May 12
FARToRY 430 03 Apr 12
Mole vs. Lava 1,230 03 Apr 12
Mole vs. Lava 3 03 Apr 12
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