Box 1:
There are 4 slides ontop of this box.
  • First slide the left slide up
  • Then the bottom slide left
  • Then the right slide down
  • And finally the top slide all the way to the right.
  • Then slide the top up, and the box is Open
Box 2:
  • To open the box slide the white sqaures so they line up as a straight line in the middle.
  • Then click and drag the darker right panel to open the box.
Box 3:
There are 3 dials that can be rotated. To unlock the box all 3 of them need to be lined up so they are vertical, with the dot showing.
  • The quickest way is to rotate the left and right dial so they are both pointng straight up.
  • Now all you do is keep rotating the left dial until the center dial rotates to its straight up position
  • To open the box click the top half of the box and rotate it
Box 4:
To unlock the chess box, you need to act as a knight would.

Click the square on the left with the dot in it to begin

If you stuff up just click this square again to try again

Now the aim is to end up clicking the sqaure with the 'K' in it To get to that sqaure you will have to pretend that you are a knight peice, clicking sqaures that the knight can move to.

each click represents a move, and the next click is to be taken as if the knght peice was in the sqaure you last clicked. once you click the K box, click and drag the right most edge of the box to open

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31 Dec 09

thanks i really needed help on the sixth box. i had no clue what i was doing.

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