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In this walkthrough I'll be talking about the game Stackle. You can find stackle on many online gaming sites such as

Stackle is a well coded game and it is very sensitive, the gravity artificial intelligence and block collision detection is very advanced. i.e if u drop a block from too high or at a slightly wrong angle it could cause your stack to tilt or fall. So when you are playing this take your time and don't rush it. Stackle also has no levels the objective of the game is to stack in a unique way to achieve more points and to try make the stack tall.
Before u start pay attention to the blocks, the blocks with stars on them give double the points so you want to try save them for when your stack is higher.

There are many techniques that people use, I'm sure that I don't know them all and you might find one while you play. I find that the easiest way is to try stack everything from one side of the stack to the other and with Stackle it can work well because blocks that fall can still be used, so u can even tip the one side of the stack so it falls so it doesn't interfere later in the game when the stack is more unstable.

As u can see the blocks above line number 1 look different, this means they are temporarily disabled but will be useable when u reach line number 2

when you build your stack remember that there are 5 zones and when you reach a higher zone the previous one no longer gives you points so stack wisely, don't only stack for height.

Stacking from the one side to the other, stack carefully to try keep it straight so it will stay stable. maximum points you must try stack as much as you can on each zone but still be able to stack high and keep the stack stable.

Watch the clip here,
Stackle to the side

You can also create a stack from scratch, this technique can be effective if you do it right but does take more time.

Watch the clip here,
Create your own stack

I have searched online and seen high scores up to 700, so

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17 Jul 09

Awesome Walkthrough dude :) really helped ALOT!!!! thanks so much. THUMBS UP!! i hope to see many more walkthroughs from you. Really well done. Keep up the good work!!! !~!~!☺☻☺☻☺☻☺!~!~!

Admin 17 Jul 09

Cool walkthrough man, thanks!
I seriously don't know how someone can get 700 points on this, that's insane...

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