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First have glasses draw with the pencil.  Red can pick up the log.  Take all three to the window of the house.  Quickly, dreds knocks, glasses tips the broom, red steals the window and a hammer.  Take all three to the leaning totem pole- dreds and glasses push while red hits it with the hammer.  Next, have red go to the front of the pole and pick it up, have glasses put the log under the pole.  Red pushes pole, picks it up again, while glasses (standing infront of the log which cannot be inventoried again) places log back under pole.  When pole is at the back of the machine, take one (can't recall which but may have been dreds) up to the bird and have it peck a hole in the window.  Let red put the new wheel on the machine.  Claim the rope from the front end of the machine.  Use rope to tie totem to machine and have red pull rope to move totem into place.  Red pushes machine to giant. Use mouse to swing totem and defeat giant.

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Save the totem village
Save the totem village from the evil giant. Each...
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