Zombie assualt 2 SAS

I reccomend you get a mochi acoount for the SMLE
And Box O' Nades


Zombie: Average Joe zombie. Easy to kill. One hit from SMLE. Entrance: Start. In later levels they tend to swarm which can be difficult

Fast Zombie: Same as above but faster.

Comb-Over/Tonge Dude. This guy looks like he has a comb over and he attacks with his tongue. Can be pretty tough but shouldn't be any trouble later.

Da Butcha. Huge Green dude with a massive knife. Slowmover but absorbs loads of bullets and can do hefty damage.

Crawler. THis weirdo only has the top of his body but moves fast. Takes lots of damage and kills you VERY quickly

Skeleton. Not to sure about these but I think they occasinoly appear from dead zombies. THis means they appear around you POOF!!!


Pistol: weak 30 magazine starter gun. Replace as soon as pos.
MP5: Found in Street. A useful machinegun. 60 clip.
Shotgun: Found in Reception. Kills Zombies in one at close range. Pretty useful
AK-47: Basically a MP5 With slower fire and Higher damage. A good replacement for the MP5. Found in Vehicle bay
G6 Assualt Rifle (Note This is semi-automatic) Very useful. High power and pretty cheap. Found in Latrines
SCAR: Fires shots of 3-at-a-time. Useful. Especially against zombies. Use either G6 or SCAR Not both Found in Latrines
Sniper: Cheap and quite powerful. Penetrats several enemies at a time. Not very useful. Use G6 or Scar in stead Found in mess hall
Hk47 ???? untested Found in Captains Room
Medium machine gun. Reduces your speed but excellent at mowing down zombies. Found in Workshop
Light machine gun. ??? untested. Found in Infirmary
Sentry guns. RECOMMENDED Found in workshop

Strategy: Stay in First room till around round five. upgrade barricade, go into street, buy MP5
Unlock reception and vehicle bay. Defend reception.
Unlock latrines. Defend latrines.
Upgrade Barriers
Purchase G6 (or SCAR)
Unlock Workshop. Defend Workshop. Upgrade Barriers
When you have about 2000 points run and unlock mess hall and then unlock Infirmary
Upgrade Barriers
Purchase Medium MAchinegun or if you can afford it light machine gun.
Here I died :(

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12 Oct 09

I did the following up to level 25ish:
Get $100, unlock Street and buy MP5. Get $150, upgrade barriers. Get $400, unlock Vehicle Hall and buy AK47. Get $300, upgrade barriers.
Build up money gradually, when all but one Zombie is dead, unlock the new rooms. If you can repair all barriers whilst the last zombie is trying to get in. The important rooms are Reception (1), Latrine (2) (SCAR), Workshop (SENTRY GUNS) (3) in that order. Buy the SCAR. Build money to $4000. Stand between the Reception and the Starting place. Buy the $4000 sentry gun, then upgrade the barrier again. Keep getting sentry guns. Fix as many barriers as you can as you progress.

WHEN YOU GET RAGE> Your primary aim should be to fix barriers:

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SAS: Zombie Assault 2
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