Removing the Red

Hello and welcome to Part 1 of Red Remover! :)


Level 1: Simply click the light red platforms.


Level 2: Again, click the light red platforms.


Level 3: Click the three light red boxes.


Level 4: Click the bottem right box, that is acting as a base. Then remove any remaining boxes.


Level 5: First, click the red box the green box is sitting on. Then click the right three boxes so the green slides down. Then remove the remaining boxes.


Level 6: You can either click the left blue rectangle, or the little blue box on the very left.


Level 7: Click the two light red boxes, then click the middle blue rectangle.


Level 8: Click the blue platform with the blue box on it.


Level 9: Click the VERY MIDDLE BLUE BOX then click the bottem blue rectangle. Lastly, click the platform the middle red box is on.


Level 10: Click the middle blue rectangle. Then click the right blue rectangle.


Level 11: Click the blue box. :)


Level 12: Click the top blue box, then the bottem blue.


Level 13: Click the blue platform when the ball is near the middle. This one takes timing.


Level 14: Remove the top blue rectangle and click any blue balls that are blocking the red ones.


Level 15: Click the middle red rectangle, then quickly click the top red platform.


Level 16: Click the blue smiley box on the left side of the top platform, then click the platform.


Level 17: Like level 13, this one takes timing. Click the little blue box to make the red ball start rolling. Then click the blue platform the blue box is sitting on.


Level 18: Click the blue platforms the red squares are sitting on. The click either of the platforms the red balls are sitting on. Note: Be sure to release one ball at a time, otherwise, it will get knocked off course.


Level 19: Quickly click the blue platform the blue box is on, then wait until the green ball starts falling and release the red box.


Level 20: Click the bottem red platform, and quickly click the other red platform on the left. Afterwards, remove any leftover red.


Part 2 Coming Soon! :)

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