Go to the right. Dark Matter R is in the books (I also found a rod there), matter M among these green potions, matter G among black potions and matter V is also somewhere in the room [at the moment I can’t find it -_- Does anyone remember where it was?]. Go back to the power supply room and turn the power on. Then go back and click on the machine. Check comment no.10 to find a solution on how to get a magical potion (which is the key point if you want to pass the game ^^). After that leave the house and go to the gate, Use the golden key to open the door. You can see a shed. Go to the gravestone to get onigiri. Walk into the shade. In a mirror you can see your reflection. And hidden door. Just walk to the place where you can see door in the mirror and go there. WARNING: If you pas through this door you won’t be able to go back so make sure you’ve got everything you need. Get poison from the armor. Go around the maze until you find a ghost that can’t see himself. Use magical mirror on him. He’ll give you a ring. Now search for a beam of blue light and step into it. You’ll be in a room with a guy from the beginning. He’ll tell you whether you passed or not. Then you’ll see a list of all the things you gathered. And that’s the end ^^ I hope some people will find this walkthrough helpful ^^

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