Go back to that room ‘metal room’ again. This time you’ll be able to get into it, using the flashlight. Go to the right and find a night table. You’ll get a cat key there. And matches are behind the wardrobe. Leave the room. Go to the room with power supply again. This time go to the other machine. It’s an elevator. Use it. Take sake from the armor. Go to the door. Go through the next one. You reach a room with 3 doors. Go straight. Straight again, then right. Get a donut from the armor. And a gold statue from the chest. Go back. Then take the door on the left (right door will eventually lead you to the other door). Go to the final room here and get a square from the chest. Go back to the room with columns and place the square there. The door will open. Go there. Go to the room. You’ll get a memo B behind the wardrobe. Now you can open the safe. The combination changes with each game. You’ll find a golden key (for the gate) in the safe. And a magical mirror in the vase next to the mirror. Now you can leave the room. Go back. Now go down. Go back to the dining room and use matches on the fire. You’ll get a scroll with all the items you can find in the game. Leave the room. Go to the door on the right. Use the cat key to open it. Get a spear from the armor and yen from the vase. Go to the corner behind the wardrobe and click. It’ll move and you’ll see a secret room. Go there.

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