Level 1:

Target: Sitting by the fountain.

As the Target says, the guy is sitting by the fountain. No problems, just kill him.


Level 2:

Target: On board a yacht.

He is at the yacht. Yet you can't snipe him. To kill him, shoot the boat ALOT until it sinks, also, shoot the part of the boat that is behind the waves.


Level 3:

Target: Will be working late at his office.

I don't know if its right, but I just sniped 'em both and got Mission Successful.


Level 4:

Target: Other Poker Players.

What you must do first, is snipe the guy in the window to the right of the poker players. You will only see his shadow, so snipe the head of the shadow. Now, move back to the pokergame, and snipe everyone but the guy in the green tie.


Level 5:

Target: Gambling addict, will be inside his house.

I didn't find it necessary, but you can shoot the wheels of the car FIRST, just in case he gets inside the car before you find him. Now, shoot the car, and the alarm will go off. The guy you must snipe should be pressing himself into the wall that you can't see, so you can only see the side of his head. Snipe him.


Level 6:

Target: Driving a jeep.

Don't shoot the jeeps wheels too much, or it will go backwards, and you'll have to start ALL OVER. You can also easily do this at speed; shoot the bullet a little bit ahead of the guy to hit him. 


Level 7:

Target: This one is different, as there is now Target thingy.

Well, you can obviously see the hostage and the taker in the window. If you saw the picture at the briefing, the area in red is what to shoot. That area is in the left neck area. (furthest AWAY from the hostage) So yeah, if you hit him correctly you've done the level.


Level 8:

Target: Walking across his land.

Simple, he is walking from the right, so just snipe him in the head. Remember: You have a zoom, use it with z and x.


Well, I hope this walkthrough helped you. If it did, please thank me, as this took a whole lot of time.


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