how to get a gift

hey guys if your having trouble playing this game. this is the place to look.

1. first go to the shop and you will see a young man. click on his pockets. you should get a pack of gum.

2. go to the alley way and talk to the cat. afterwards go back to the boys house and click on the garbage bag. you should get fishbones.

3. give the fishbones to the cat an he will let you pass. you will be in the shop.

4. go back to the boy and next to him will be a glass bottle. pick it up.

5. go back to the shop and give the bottle to the shop man. he will give you a coin.

6. go to the house to collect the snail that you will need to use to get coins.

7. give the snail and the coin to the cat.

8. the rest you must do your self because it changes everytime.

p.s (if it worked please thank me!)

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