Escape the Mansion - Walkthrough

1. Take the glass splinter out of the basket.

2. Use the glass splinter on the pillow.

3. Watch the skeletal raider for 15 seconds, then take the key.

4. Take the voodoo doll from the hidden niche in the upper right corner of the room.

5. Use the voodoo doll to defeat the ghost.

6. Unlock the door. Twice :)

7. Go to the bathroom and take the towel.

8. Go near the washbasin and click several times on the blood-filled basin until you reach into it.

9. Go back to the floor and take the key out of the vase.

10. Unlock the door to the right of you.

11. Take the skeletal arm and activate the following runes: Kla-Atu-Ver-Ata-Nic-Tu

12. Use the voodoo doll on the pentagram to remove the magical barriere.

13. Use the towel (first) and the skeletal arm (second) as a replacement of the stairs.

14. Go down and search for the light switch :)

15. Click on one of the windows.

16. Turn the lights on again.

17. Click on the stuck out plank and you're free to go!

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25 Jan 13

what the fuck dose #11 mean

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