Turn on the radio built into my cell phone

Don't call, just go home and see if she's okay

Try to find someone to help

Take the stairs

Leave the lobby and try to escape through the rear exit

Search for a window to climb through

Go straight through the window


Checkpoint: Downtown alley

Call out to the little girl

Ignore the bus and continue down the street

Join your co-workers

Distract the infected away from the entrance so the others can get through safely

Suggest taking the jeep

Suggest taking another vehicle instead

Don't help the group - choose any of the other three vehicles.


Checkpoint: Gas station

Continue down the road without stopping

Turn around and find another route home

See if the other driver is hurt

Follow the train line


Checkpoint: Home neighborhood

Grab the infected by the neck and push him away

Grab a brick and hit him in the head with it when he gets close enough

Try to go through the neighbor's rear gardens


Checkpoint: Back yard

Go to the shed and find a weapon

Choose any weapon other than the chainsaw (but everyone knows the crowbar is the classic zombie smasher, right?)

Let the looter go

Barricade the back door

Attack John with your weapon

Continue searching the house

Choose your own style of entering the bedroom (doesn't matter?)

Kick the infected off her before attacking

Cut off her fingers and take her with you


Many of the choices have multiple "safe" answers, but some can affect your final score



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