Getting the Better Time!

okay welcome guys and gals. currently i hold first place on this game with 4:22 (in my most recent attempt i got 6:01, but accidently pressed skip >.<) if you can beat me more power to ya ;) but  i will get it back! haha

okay may these help you get better times!

1-DONT PANIC! i know that freaking out after being hit by a bomb is a natural response but sometimes it just cant be avoided so keep your eye on the screen and your hand steady :)

2-Double bombs:  sometimes, its nearly inevitable to miss a bomb, or two at the same time! its all about timing. but if in the half second you have before the bombs hit, you think that you would hit both if you attempted it, ITS OKAY to get hit by one, i've used this tactic myself :)

3-Keep down! the natural position your guy should be in is DOWN (arrow down) unless you see money.

4-Money isnt worth a bomb to the face you idiot! there is plenty of money in this game! no need to take un-nessisary risks!

5-Quick Reactions, sorry to say, but if you dont have quick reactions or great hand-eye coordination, this probably isnt the game for you!


Hope this guide kinda-sorta helps you out! spelling mistakes and all ^_^

Any questions or comments just post on my page or add me! :)


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