Casual Gameplay Escape Walkthrough:

Front wall There’s a door with a lightswitch next to it, a panel of 8 red lights, and a note on the floor. There’s also a projector on the ceiling, plugged into the outlet to the left of the door. The note says that it doesn’t contain any clues; of course that means that there’s probably a huge hint somewhere on the page, but we don’t know enough yet to figure it out. Right wall Turning right, there’s a wall with three gray panels with little red lights above them. Can’t seem to do anything with this wall yet. If you’re really observant, you’ll notice that the red light on the left is brighter than the others. Back wall Turn right again. There’s a wall with square paneling, with a 10×10 area highlighted and up/down arrows to the right of it. Hm, the panels in the highlighted area can be pressed in. I wonder what the pattern is… wait, I’m recalling something like this… Left wall Turn right again. This wall looks identical to the one opposite - three gray panels, three red lights. You now have enough information to get started on at least one puzzle. Have you figured out the clue? Hint: it has to do with the letter by the door, and the back wall. Reveal: The pattern of red squares on the letter tells you which panels to press in on the wall. For the truly stuck: press the x’s. xooooooooo oooooooooo ooxooooxox oooxooooxo ooxooxoooo ooooooxooo oxoooxoooo xooooooooo oxoooooooo xooooooooo Ok, so now there’s some sort of faint …something visible on the back wall, and pressing the up/down arrows makes other faint things appear. But why is it so washed-out looking? Reveal: Oh, of course! Projectors work better if you turn the lights off! Turn around and hit the light switch, then turn back to… wait a sec, is that a _green_ light above the left panel? And now the panels are “clickable”, although only the one under the green light will open. Lemme check the opposite wall… yep, same thing. Ok, so now you have a choice of 8 puzzles to solve. The pipes one on the back wall looks easy enough - just form a path from start to end, right? Clicky clicky clicky… huh? Doesn’t work. I guess we’re missing some sort of clue. The other puzzles on the back wall seem equally… obtuse. The ones on the side walls might be easier. Right wall Hint: if you build a house, you need to give it a door; windows are optional. Reveal: For each level, you need to use some or all of the pieces to completely fill the outlined shape, making sure each time that there’s a door on the ground floor. You’ll only use all of the pieces on the third level - the first level, leave out the window, and the second level, leave out the smiley faces. When you finish, the panels close up again, and the lights above flash green & red. Click each panel to reveal a poster. Left wall This is a bit more difficult. You need to get your stick figure to the exit without killing him. He’s a single-minded fellow - he’ll keep going in the direction he started unless he hits an arrow telling him otherwise. The arrows can make him go right, left, up (jump), or shoot a gun. The gun is useful for getting rid of those plasma blobs, and also for delaying the guy so he doesn’t go running straight into a laser beam. Make sure you’ve set all the arrows correctly before clicking the guy to get him started. Level 1 reveal: after jumping up and shooting the blob, go left. Level 1 for the truly stuck: arrow next to the guy should point up, next arrow to the right should be a gun, the arrow below the gap (on the platform) should point left, and leave everything else as is. Level 2 reveal: your path will be a z-shape. Level 2 for the truly stuck: (going left to right, top to bottom, parentheses mean optional - if all goes well, he won’t get to that arrow): up, gun; left; right, gun; up, (up). Level 3 reveal: you don’t need to go into that area with the blob in the top of the middle panel. Your path will once again be sort of z-shaped. Sort of. Don’t forget that you can make the guy shoot off a gun to delay him. Also don’t forget that the last arrow before the exit needs to point up, otherwise he’ll get stuck in that ditch. This means that he needs to shoot one of the blobs from further away. Level 3 for the truly stuck: (l-to-r, t-to-b) right, (right), (right); (right), (right); gun, up, gun, left, gun, up; up, up; right, right, up; up, (up), gun, up. Back wall puzzles Pipes Clue: CG Wireless poster Hint: “no connections needed” Reveal: turn the pieces so that none of them are connected to anything. For the truly stuck: There’s more than one solution, but this’ll work. (Not showing start & end, since you can’t turn them.) L o J – L L J – L o – o o J – o J – I J J – L L – L L L I – o J J I 7 J 6×10 grid, bottom row green Clue: D-Jay B poster Hint: there’s a pattern faintly visible above (and under) the words “club seal” Reveal: going from left to right, you need to light up the following number of squares in each column: 1 2 3 4 2 5 3 4 2 1 For the truly stuck: columns 1-10 left to right, rows a-f bottom to top. 3b 4c 5d 6b 7e 7e 7e 8c 8c 9d 10a 10a Grid with letters Pressing the white buttons switches the corresponding two rows or columns. You can move a row down by pressing the button to the left and slightly below it, then the button below that, and so on until the row is where you want it. Adjust as needed for reversing direction or moving columns. There’s a reset button on the top right. Clue: Casual Gameplay poster Hint: crossword puzzle; to some extent, also the words on the poster. Reveal: the crossword puzzle on the poster reveals the shape you’re aiming for. If you look at the letters, you’ll see that you can spell “casual” and “gameplay”, with some letters left over. Working it out on paper (and numbering according to crossword rules, i.e. top to bottom, then right to left), the words are: 1. games, 2. play, 3. jay, 4. casual. For the truly stuck: Rows: leave the ‘g’ where it is. Switch rows until you get the ‘a’ in that column under the ‘g’ (it’s the row with an ‘l’, ‘p’, ‘y’, and the aforementioned ‘a’). Switch a couple of rows to get the ‘m’ under the ‘a’. Now get the ‘e’ under the ‘m’, then the ’s’ under it in turn. Bring the ‘y’ up two rows so it’s underneath the ‘a’ and the ‘j’. Columns: Show ▼ find the row with the ‘c’. Move it to the right of all the other letters (well, except for the ‘p’). There should already be an ‘a’ to the right of the ‘c’; if not, find the column with an ‘l’ and an ‘a’ and move it there. Next comes the column that says ‘games’, then the column with a ‘y’ and a ‘u’, then the column that says ‘jay’, and that leaves the column with an ‘l’ for the end. Two sets of 3×5 grids, one red, one yellow. Clue: JIG Soda poster Hint: Notice how the ‘J’ (and only the ‘J’) is made up of little squares? Reveal: You need to light up the letter ‘J’ on the yellow part. The hard part is that the red squares count top to bottom, while the yellow squares count left to right, so it’s not just a matter of forming a ‘J’ on the red part and hitting the copy button. For the truly stuck: click the x’s on the red part, then press the button. oxo oox xox oxx oxx Four rows of numbers, red shape outlined on the right Move the rows to the right with the arrows; check (or reset if they’re wrong) with the checkmark. Clue: Wooty-Tooty poster Hint: red dice Reveal: the red shape is a cube “flattened out”; arrange the numbers 1-6 in it so that if the shape is “folded up”, the numbers will be arranged as on a die. Remember that numbers on opposite faces need to add up to 7. For the truly stuck: x 4 x 1 5 x x 3 6 x 2 x Tank & spaceship game Arrow keys to move, spacebar to shoot Clue: H&O’s Clothes poster Hint: “peace tank” (get it?) Reveal: You need to survive for 30 seconds without getting fried, but don’t shoot the spaceship. (You can fire off rockets if you’d like, just make sure they don’t hit anything.) For the truly stuck: oh, come now. :) Once you’ve turned all 8 lights green (by solving all 8 puzzles), the panel by the door starts flashing, and you can open the door and exit.

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