Blosics 2 walkthrough: First Round

Level 1:

Use the 30-points ball and aim for the bottom two rows of green blocks. If you hit it right, you'll get above 100 points.


Level 2:

Aim for the bottom two rows again, also with a 30-points ball.

Level 3:

Shoot the bottom two rows (one horizontal, one vertical), twice, with a 30-points ball. You should then have over 100 points.


Level 4:

Take the 20-points ball and aim for the third row, counted from below. You should be able to score over 100 points in one shot. If not, take the 5-points ball and aim for the green one still remaining. The higher you aim, the less chance there is red blocks will fall and decrease your points.


Level 5:

Use the 30-points ball yet again and this time, all you have to do, is aim for the bottom row, on one of the two sides. If one isn't enough for 100 points, use the other side too.


Level 6:

Use the 5-points ball and just keep shooting red blocks in a way that they'll fall down. Green blocks will follow. Keep doing this untill you reach 100 points.


Level 7:

Use the 5-points ball and aim for the two lowest rows, some will fall in to the gap, and the top blocks will, if you do it right, fall to the left. If you haven't reached 100 points after 1 shot, shoot again.


Level 8:

Use the 5-points ball and aim for the green ones. Easy!


Level 9:

Use the 5-points ball and aim for the bottom. Take your time as the blocks fall down. Sometimes, the blocks might stop, because there are to many blocks and the path is blocked. In that case, shoot the remaining blocks (if there are any, otherwise you're simply screwed and have to restart) and try to let them unblock the path.


Level 10:

This is a difficult one! Let a 30-point ball appear at the highest point of the ball summoning area and aim for the end of the rubber platform on the right. If you've done it right, it should hit the bottom 2 rows of the green blocks and you should already get around 100 points. If you have to less, use the 5-points, or 10-points ball and repeat the step with the 30-points ball to clear the remaining blocks.


Level 11:

Now for this level, get your 30-points ball. Go to the right of your BSA and aim for the center of the rubber platform above the area. This level requires a lot of accuracy, so it might take a little while to get the aiming right. If you hit the green blocks, you should have enough points after one shot.


Level 12:

I can't remember how I've cleared this level. For me it's one of the hardest, but the point is that you need to aim in a way that, through the bouncing of rubber, you hit the pile of green blocks on the bottom left side, with a 30-points ball.


Level 13:

Just shoot the explosive block with a 5-points ball, real easy!


Level 14:

Take the 5-points ball and aim for the top-right corner of the explosive block. Try to hit it softly, so that it won't explode, but so that it will fall down and when it does, you get enough points right away. Next!

Level 15:

Shoot the explosive block below you. There might be a chain-reaction, but if you don't get enough points after the first shot, shoot another explosive block. Shoot with 5-points balls.


Level 16:

In level 16, take the 5-points block and aim for the middle of the white blocks. If done correctly, the lowest vertical whit blocks will fall to the left, so that the green blocks will slide down to the right, giving you enough points to continue.


Level 17:

This wicked level is the hardest one in my opinion. Balance is key here, keep shooting 5-points balls to keep the white block in balance. You can do that by aiming for the green blocks. First to the left, then to the right etc. Also, if you think you're gonna make it, get ready and be sure to click the next button as soon as possible.


Level 18:

Similar to level three. Use the 30-points ball and aim for the bottom row. If you do this right twice, you will definetely have over 100 points.


Level 19:

In this level it's about speed. Use the 10-points ball to hit the bottom of the green blocks, then right after that, use another 2 balls to let the balloon-blocks get under it, floating the green blocks away.


Level 20:

Use the 5-point ball to get the balloon blocks to float to the right. Right after that let the block explode with another 5-point ball. If you did this right, you'll have the path for the red blocks blocked, whilst the green blocks fall down.


Level 21:

This level is about patience, balloon blocks will spawn randomly in the bottom area. What you need to do is shoot the green blocks row by row, starting from the top row into the balloon-spawn area, so that the balloon blocks will carry the green blocks up. This will eventually give you enough points.


Level 22:

Use the 5-points ball and aim for the bottom-right corner. If the angle is right, it will lift the green-star block right in the gap.


Level 23:

This level is quite hard, because you need to be fast. I used the 5-points ball to shoot the second highest line of horizontal blocks, and right after that another for the bottom-line of horizontal blocks, which gave me enough points. Quickly click the next button btw!


Level 24:

Aim for the row of green blocks and use your 5-points ball.


Level 25:

First, use the 5-points block to let the explode-blocks explode. Then quickly get your 30-points ball and when almost all green blocks are below the white block, shoot the white block. This will block all the red blocks.


Level 26:

Similar to level 8, only this time there are balloon-blocks flying between your BSA and the blocks. When the level starts, quickly aim for a green-star block, before the balloons come up. After that, you have to aim good, and shoot when your aiming path is free. Use the 5-points ball.


Level 27:

This level is simple enough to complete with the challenge right a way (some others before this level are too, but I skipped those, they'll be in the next walkthrough). Aim straight up for the rubber platform, with a 5-points ball. If you did it right, it'll bounce, hit the white block and it'll still have enough speed to make the explode-block explode on it's way back. Voilà, you cleared the level with the highest possible points.


Level 28:

Use the 5-points ball all of the time in this level. Don't shoot too hard, because that makes the level more difficult. Let a couple of blocks fall, and then shoot out the green ones and let the red onse fall down in the box. Simple as that.


Level 29:

A tricky one, just use the top of your BSA and aim for 3/4 of the rubber platform, away from the BSA. That way you'll shoot around the middle and get enough points to continue. Use the 5-points ball.


Level 30:

Hooray, the last level. Aim straight up, so that you'll hit the center figure of the second row. Doing this could have 2 diffirent reactions. First one is the center one and the bottom row falling down, but if you hit the ball a bit harder, the entire second row could come down, which might (or might not) lead to red ones falling too. If not, you're done, but if so, let the center two of the last row fall down, or alternately use the 20-points ball to shoot the upper-left figure out of the area.


This was it, I made this very quick and I'm not English, so there might be some language-errors in this thing. I'll make the next walkthrough for all the challenges in a month or two. I hope you've had help with this walkthrough. It's my first walkthrough btw.


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