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hi there my  name  is  girlz rock i just wanted to wish ya  all a nice life , now this is a group of helpful tips being put to  make the game 'bad boy puzle' well ... all you have to do is  read then do wat it says or if you now it all which is known to a   busy brain then you  can just use your own bbrain and  your own tips o acheive which i did too... so down below is going to be some  helpful tips  i hope you  read them with care .


1. always try your best  and  never give up that is what i say you should never give  up because if you always give up you are  never going to know  your  talent even if  your  talent  is to  speak it  dosent matter just never give up or  else you  will get no where with the task  or  subject being given to you to do ...Money mouthCoolEmbarassed


2. just listen to the  first step and  you will do well oh ..... oh.... there  is  just one  more thing  have  positive thoughts and  not  negatative  because negative equals up to losing lol

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bad boy puzzle
left mouse click rotate 90 degrees....
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