#Note# i took this one hint from the player DrRockso; so please thank him ^^

choose only one color to pick up, because the more of the same color you take the more points they will give(each pick up of a color is 5 so the next color would be 10, 15, 20 etc)

Power-Ups, and their usefulness {rate system} 1:Pointless, shouldn't be even looked at 2: provides little to no game progression 3: has serveral uses, but only in certain situations. 4: should be looked for, and taken if given the chance.  5: a absolute must to take.

Speed-Up increases the speed of the mines/crystal movement also provides a crystal score boost of 2.5 as the buff wears off (after 1-2secs) the score boost will also decrease(total duration 10seconds). Usefulness 3.5

Speed-Down reduces the speed of mines/crystals dosn't provide any score boost(slows down mines but also crystals). Usefulness 4

Lightning- randomly destroys 8 objects. Usefulness 1-3 (this power-up can be very annoying to use considering it can also destroy other power-ups and crystals, but also useful when you are within a tight situation.

Shield- protects you from all damage expect from bosses. (if i could rate this above my rating system it would be a 10/5) Usefulness 5

Multi-spawn- produces a massive amount of different colored crystals(with this power-up you have a very high chance of removing your increaser crystal(your primary crystal pickup). Usefulness: 1-2

Barrier: puts a barrier on the botten of your screen all of the crystals(mines?) that are normally lost are turned into extra points. Usefulness. 4.5

Speed Chaos: causes everything in the game to move at different speeds for a 20% increase in all scores(duration 10 seconds). Usefulness 3-4

Mine Trigger. destroys all of the mines for extra points(do i really need to say it why dodge them all when you can just make them go boom) Usefulness. 5

Magnetism(nickname worthless). attracts ALL types of crystals to you(this will most likely ruin any highscores that you are trying to do(this happened to me once i reached the 1.6mil area of my score ruined my 11k-13k for each crystal :( . Usefulness 0

yellow/red/green super crystal. morphs EVERYTHING to the color of the super crystal(when i played throughout the game the super crystals seemed to know what my highest scoring crystal was, and continued to spawn it...that or i was very lucky, and didn't notice anything other them my color. Usefulness. 5+

well any other power-up (wavy motion spin tunnel pacman, 1942 etc. are pretty much to worthless to even note considering they only game extremely hard while the award is not worth it.

Useing more then one Power-up in a single instance

Speed-up+Barrier this can generate massive amounts of points since speed-up produces sometimes massive amounts of pointless crystals, and mines, and since the barrier converts all those excessive things into awesome points. Usefulness. 4.5

Super Crystal+Speed up have massive amounts of crystals(and "almost" no mines), and a huge increase to points what can be better? Usefulness 4.9

Shield+speed-up. ram through mines, and easily collect tons of crystals without any repercussions. brilliant I say ^^. Usefulness 5

Speed demon(speed-up+speed-chaos) Insane scores although you have to be quite quick


if any of these hints, or power-up combinations are false tell me, and i will adjust them.

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