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Once you have read this. lets see some unreal scores ^^

##Note##four corner matches means useing the same colored shrooms on all four corners for a full clear of the board##end,Note##

##Note##do moves carefully but quickly becasue one false move can make you lose a once massive score##end,Note##

##Note##once you do a match near a cornor dont wait for it to spawn go directly towards another corner, if it is not the shroom you need simply go back to it, and try again##end.Note##


Green Shrooms-  four corner matches 72,000 points. points given per Green shroom 600 meaning if you do a 2 by 2 match of greens( the smallest match possible) you would get 2400 points a 2x3 3600 3x3 5400 etc.

Blue shrooms- four corner matches 54,000 points. points given per Blue Shroom 450

Yellow Shrooms- four corner matches 36,000 points. points given per yellow shroom 300

Red Shrooms- four corner matches 18,000 points. points given per red shroom 150

This game is mostly by the draw of lucky high points shrooms (green/blue) ,but with right technigues it can become a game of speed, and high points.

How to get: Massive scores try to get green shrooms on the four corners. to do this concentrate on one angle at a time if you find yourself in a position where you can not get rid of the shrooms in the corners(AU: when you cant make red/yellow/blue matches to remove them) to get the shrooms you want. simply look at the game as a square/rectangle(1), and see what you can remove that will a. give decent points, and b. have a chance at "spawning" the shrooms you need to get rid of the annonying corner ones. also remenber that if you eyes catch a massive match in the middle of the playing area that wont effect your corners take it for easy points. There dos not seem to be anyway to predict what colors will stay, and what colors will be made, so it makes the game much more difficult to produce high scores.

 (1). look at the corner(or any spot in the game)  and place a small 2x2 square againist it/ontop of it, and expand it until you see a fitting match that will generate the better scores

 (2) somtimes it is best to make small matches 2x3 3x3 3x4 etc to remove unneeded shrooms.

##Note## hopefully there are not horid mistakes in grammar or spelling considering I am almost blind in my left eye, and only have 10 vision in my other(and my glasses dont seem to like computers-.-)... i spent 40 mins reviewing for any mistakes, and i believe i have fixed them all ^^)



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