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As soon as you get enough for the new wheels, buy them (all of them). Once you have all the wheels, buy the rockets (in order, so you'll get more points). Once you have all the rockets, buy the Hand Stand move. Keep doing hand stands while doing a backflip until you are good enough to do it without crashing (you should have about 15k+). Buy all the 'people', then keep doing hand stand backflips. Once you get good at it and know when to stop doing the trick (you can tell by the colour of the sky), you'll be able to get 2,000 points just for the trick, and the groupies double it. You should be able to get 4,000 points plus if you know what your doing.


STEP ONE... "Neanderthal"
Keep playing the game until you have enough to buy all the wheels. I suggest buying each new wheel as soon as you have enough to buy it, but if you want, just save up and buy only the last one (<- not recommended!).

STEP TWO... "Apollo 13"
Once you have all the wheels, start doing the same with the rockets. The rockets boost your speed, how high, and how far you travel (really helpful when it comes to doing tricks).
STEP THREE... "Smallville"
Ah, yes, the tricks. Buy Superman first, or, if you have enough, buy the Hand Stand and leave Superman.  Keeping doing the hand stand with the backflip until you are confident you can land it 90% of the time. Once you do this (and have about $15,000 built up), buy all the groupies (yes, all, not just the last one). If you feel like you might crash, just do the hand stand only until you have quite a bit of money built up, that way, if you do crash, you can buy them all again, and have money to spare.

~ Try hopping in your cart as SOON as you hit the pole at the beginning. This way, your speed bar will be completely red, and you will be going as fast as you can.

~  As your launching off the ramp, press up (to 'jump') at the very tip. This way, you'll get the best height.

~ As your landing, try to keep your cart parallel with the ground, so you don't stop once you land. If you're good enough, you can angle your cart off of bumps, and do more tricks in the air.


Reason for writing this guide: boredom. Pure and simple boredom.

Hope it helped, though. XD



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